Darci Lang

Focus on the 90%, Award Winning Entrepreneur

About Darci Lang

Darci has been invited to speak to numerous government departments, conferences, staff functions and development days. She shares an easy to apply message that relates to all. The message is simple; you have a choice when it comes to your attitude, professionally and personally. The choices you make effect yourself and your team. A positive attitude is the foundation of Darci’s success. She has owned and operated three separate companies, worked with others and managed many different people. As past owner of the award winning Mallabar Tuxedo Rentals in Regina, Darci understands that working effectively within an area or unit requires you to work on yourself first. As the demand increased for Darci to tell her personal story of turning business into success she turned to professional speaking and training ‘ her third business endeavor. She then started to share her ‘Focusing on the 90%’ message and others wanted to hear about her life story as well. She has been speaking and training for over 17 years. Darci is proud to call Regina home. She is wife to Darren and mom to Jayda and John. Her dedication and entrepreneurial skill have paid off. She is now a Best Selling author with her book ‘Focus on the 90%’. One simple tool to change the way you view your life.’ Darci has won The Saskatchewan Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award and an Achieving Business Excellence (ABEX) Award. She was a finalist in the Canadian Woman of the Year Award and a three-time nominee for the nationally recognized Entrepreneur and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. She is truly someone who walks the talk.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • “Focus on the 90%: One simple tool to change the way you view your life” – Darci will ask one simple question throughout her humorous and thought-provoking presentation. Where do you focus your magnifying glass, on the 90% that is positive in your life or the 10% that is not? The message is simple; you have a choice when it comes to your attitude, professionally and personally. The choices you make affect yourself and your team. Darci will challenge the audience with the fact that we do have a choice in how we view our lives. This idea of seeing the positives in their lives is something that we all know works. We know we should do it more but the ultimate challenge is ‘ are we doing it? And if we aren’t, how can we start to see our lives in a more positive way?

Books and Articles

  • Focus on the 90%: One simple tool to change the way you view your life

Awards and Designations

  • Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneur of the Year – Winner
  • The ABEX Awards (Outstanding Business Excellence) – Winner 1996, and three time finalist
  • Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist
  • YWCA Women of Distinction – Finalist
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Finalist four times

Client Reviews

  • “The response to Darci’s presentation at our staff meeting was extremely positive and although I am not surprised, I am a bit awestruck by the level of emotion expressed in the event evaluations and the deep value people took away from her message. Without a doubt, Darci is motivational – she is also a no nonsense Reality-Check Task Master!” – J. Redston, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • “I cannot tell you how many people have positively commented on your presentation or how many times I’ve raved about it to others and it’s only 3:15 the day after! You are a living example, for me, of what I need to change and even how I can start off with my ‘time’ outside of the house to gain my 90% and leave my 10% outside of those doors! I truly thank you for making a difference.” – V. Lukash, Sasktel
  • “Darci Lang’s message was warmly accepted and heard by our group. In the days and weeks since then, I notice that people still have their magnifying glass at their desks, and I often hear a reminder to focus on the 90%……….both of these proof that the message was important enough to remember and ‘own’, and delivered expertly! I encourage other work groups or really, any group, to take the opportunity to listen and learn from Darci!” – J. Boyle, Farm Credit Canada
  • “In today’s turbulent world Darci’s message “Focusing on the 90%” was the perfect summary to end our conference wrapping it up in a neat bow. Her ability to personally connect with each of our delegates kept them on the edge of their seats and wanting more. She filled them up giving them energy to take back to their work and families.” – Paul and Brian, Western Cities Conference
  • ‘Darci Lang’s message was extremely well received by the staff of the Saskatoon Health Region. Darci’s pre-work in learning what our issues were ( what she calls ‘ground truth’) helped her customize the message to our audience. In addition, the concepts in the message ‘ Focus on the 90%’ aligned and supported our current cultural transformation initiatives which are centered around how we live out the organization values in every interaction. We would like to have her expose her message to more staff and are planning to bring her back soon for additional sessions.’ – B. Mutwiri, M.A, Manager, Learning & Leadership, Saskatoon Health Region
  • “Feedback has been excellent, with many saying it was the best Teamwork Day by far. I just wish we could have booked you for two days instead of the one so we could have more time with you ‘ Markham loves you! – Town of Markham
  • ‘You inspired and motivated many of our future leaders in this Department and the federal government and I believe that by leading with this principle, we can cultivate a strong and committed workforce within the department to drive our future initiatives forward.’ – R. Walker, National Defence Managers’ Network
  • ‘I have had the good fortune of listening to many great speakers. I sincerely hold Darci Lang as one of the greatest” – Advantage Credit Union
  • ‘You rate a 10. I have attended many conventions and heard equally as many motivational speakers. I can honestly say I have not enjoyed any as much as I enjoyed your presentation. Also the fact that you took the time to get information on some of our members allowed you to better interact with your audience, and made your presentation that much more personal.” – Alberta Rural Administrators
  • ‘ Your session was presented right from the heart. Your story is real and you were very believable. Through your openness and honesty, you made it easy for the participants to share and gain maximum value. All in all, a very inspiring presentation! You are truly one who knows how to ‘Walk the Talk’.’ – Sears Canada
  • “Your message was very timely for all the nurses form across Canada that are struggling with the professional issues that our national shortage brings. Thank you for your gift and for making me laugh.” – J. Mintenko, CACCN Dynamics Conference
  • “The energy, laughter and goodwill in the room after you left was nothing short of astounding. You were able to lift and energize approximately 250 nurses who suffer from different levels of burn out and distress. Many people stated you were the best motivational speaker they had seen and heard.” – Canadian Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
  • “The feedback that I received was extremely positive – participants remarked that the presentation exceeded their expectations.” – Corporate Services SaskTel
  • “If you have the power to change it then do so, if not then stop complaining and make the best of it – focus on the positive things! Darci’s presentation was very easy to listen to, and very funny. We will definately have her back again.” – Saskatoon Health Region
  • “The response from the sessions was extremely positive and many staff indicated that this was the best training opportunity they had ever taken. The information was practical, fun, and moving and many staff may have said Darci’s message continues to help them make positive choices in their interactions at work and with their family.” – Advanced Education and Employment
  • “Yours was the highest ranked presentation. Outstanding Darci, it was a stellar way to end our conference.” – SRNA Conference
  • “Darci is extremely upbeat and easy going, and we received such positive feedback, not even one 10%, that we are pleased to be offering another session with her in the fall of this year.” – Training and Development Coordinator, Department of Finance
  • “Very natural, common- sense approach. Spoke from the heart ‘ very focused. Darci is unique in her approached and within a few minutes of her speech appeared to make everyone in the room feel very comfortable and at home. I really enjoyed Darci, especially when she talk about her background and life. It reminded me that you can’t ever tell or prejudge anybody. I thought she was perfect and beautiful at a glance before she spoke ‘ but she is much more than what you see on the surface. Excellent presentation!” – The University of Saskatchewan
  • “Right from the time the first person walks in the door until the last person leaves, you are incredible. You make a connection with everyone, making them feel appreciated, important, and touching them in some way.” – West Wind Aviation
  • “Darci’s presentations could have gone for hours and she would not have lost the attention of her audience. She is that ‘good ‘. – General Manager, Wynyard Credit Union Limited
  • “On behalf of senior management at Investors Group, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our efforts at the Star Performers conference in Las Vegas. You presentation was excellent and was an important contribution to the overall success of the event. Truly was the highlight!” – Investors Group
  • “I must say Darci ‘hit it out of the ball park’. Right from the moment she hit the stage to her final remarks, Darci had the entire audience in the palm of her hand. Her delivery style and presence on stage are remarkable, coupled with a great sense of humor; she was a great part of our convention. You won’t go wrong with Darci Lang ‘ she is worth everything! – National President, Kin Canada
  • “She has the ability to captivate an audience with her message, reminding all of us how truly important it is to have a positive attitude and the impact it makes on our professional and personal lives. The standing ovation she received was a true indication of the uplifting impression Darci has made on our delegates.” – The Association of Manitoba Municipalities
  • “Darci Lang was one of the best motivational keynote speakers in the history of our Recreation Conference. Darci brought her energy and enthusiasm and our delegates could not get enough of her.” – Recreation Conference for Community Volunteers
  • “Darci’s ability to reach out and inspire her audience is so powerful and unmatched by any other speaker I have experienced. We truly feel that we were blessed to have Darci speak at our conference. She is very talented, kind, and enthusiastic.” – Bragg Creek Community Association
  • “She really does speak from the heart and her care and concern for people shines through in her presentations and her interaction with her audience. We got lots of positive feedback from the participant’s and her message still echoes through our office daily.” – Wild on Women Symposium Event
  • ‘I have been in attendance at many sessions over my 25 years with the Federal Government and I can honestly say that I have never been moved as much as I was listening to you. I must admit that when I first saw the schedule of events and the time allotted I was somewhat skeptical that you would be able to keep your audience’s attention for that long. What a nice surprise! I ended up wishing your session would have been longer. Thank you for a wonderful inspiring message.’ – Audience Member at the CBSA Managers Event
  • “Your presentation was a wonderful mixture of entertainment and education. The response from our staff to your message has been overwhelming and opened up many discussions.” – Sun West School Division
  • “Darci’s presentation is like a ‘feel good movie’. You can take away as much as you are willing to open yourself up to. Thank you Darci, you presentation was uplifting, self-reflecting and inspirational!” – Thomas Cook/ Marlin Travel
  • “Keynote speaker Darci Lang touched upon the theme of the Torch Awards and its celebration of positive business and community relationships with her simple message: focus on the 90% that is positive in your life rather then spending your energy on the 10% that is not. This is a great attitude not only for businesses but also for individuals, families, and the province.” – Hon. Mr. Krawetz