Cheryl Cran - CSP

Leadership and Generations Expert

About Cheryl Cran - CSP

Cheryl Cran, CSP is the author of Say What You Mean ‘ Mean What You Say and 50 Ways to Lead and Love It! as well as a contributing author to Don’t Sweat Stories and Speak Up Speak Out. She is an internationally renowned motivational speaker and expert in communication and works with corporations and associations to improve leadership, teamwork, customer care and change management. Cheryl motivates and inspires individuals and groups to reach higher, think more creatively and shift behaviors to create new and exciting results both professionally and personally. People who participate in Cheryl’s sessions leave with shifted perspectives, renewed energy and actionable ideas. The individual result is increased personal power, enhanced communication abilities and better relationships. As each individual increases their personal power the corporation or association they work for receives improved productivity, increase in profits, enhanced productivity and loyal customers. Cheryl works a consultant dedicated to helping companies to collaborate, communicate and accelerate. A successful entrepreneur since 1994 Cheryl has worked with a diverse group of industries such as: Finance groups, Healthcare organizations, Home Builder companies, Government, Associations and has worked with both union and non-union sectors. Cheryl’s background includes over fifteen years in the corporate sector where she excelled in management and sales. She left the corporate sector at the height of her career to start a business and grew it into six figures in just under three years and subsequently sold that business. Her diverse experience in both corporate and business allows her to connect with diverse groups and audiences. As an expert in interpersonal communication Cheryl has been interviewed on The Vicki Gabereau Show and Urban Rush. Her articles have been featured in Business Woman Canada magazine, Selling Power magazine and BC Business magazine. She was nominated as a YWCA Woman of Distinction in 2001 and named one of Vancouver’s top speakers in Business in Vancouver newspaper. Cheryl is a is a Certified Speaking Professional a recognized designation through the National Speakers Association- only 7% of speakers worldwide have this designation.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • Communication Keynote – “Say What You Mean – Mean What You Say”. Today’s workplace has many challenges that can be managed with excellent communication skills. It isn’t enough to get by on basic communication, rather every employee needs to have the most developed communication skills possible. Based on Cheryl’s bestselling book titled, Say What You Mean – Mean What You Say, this session hones in on how to communicate effectively with different cultures, different generations and different personalities in the workplace.
  • Leadership Keynote – “Boldly Grow To the Next Level!! Achieve Peak Performance – Get Greater Results”. Everyone is performing at what they believe is their highest potential. Boldly grow to the next level – the call is on for individuals to practice ‘evolved thinking’ and ‘elevated actions’ in order to get new and different results. This presentation urges all of us to reach a little higher, dig a little deeper and find that inner motivation to grow together in success.
  • Leadership Keynote – “Be a Funky Control Freak – Lead with Balance and Power”. Let’s face it each of has an inner control freak and some of us own this more quickly than others! This rockin’ keynote is fun, vibrant and puts the hot sauce on the topic of leadership. Whether you are a leader or not we all have to demonstrate personal leadership and this keynote puts a humorous spin on what we need to do to create greater success in our work and in our life.

Books and Articles

  • Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say:
  • Surefire Ways to Get the Results You Want
  • Today’s challenges in the workplace and in our relationships require new methods of communicating. Say What You Mean is a tool that guides the reader to successful interactions with those they work with, their customers and their personal relationships.
  • Business Woman Canada magazine – article
  • Selling Power magazine – article
  • BC Business magazine – article

Career Highlights

  • Nominated as a YWCA Woman of Distinction in 2001
  • Named one of Vancouver’s top speakers in Business in Vancouver newspaper.