Carlin Nordstrom

Speaker on Health and Wellness, Success, and Discrimination

About Carlin Nordstrom

Carlin Nordstrom is from the Poundmaker First Nation.  He grew up in Warman playing in their minor hockey system, battling through racism as the only First Nations player on his team.  He made it through the ranks to The Saskatchewan Junior hockey league where he was able to achieve a major goal of his, a scholarship to Western Michigan University where he enrolled in Physical Education and would play NCAA division 1 hockey. He was named assistant captain his final year and went on to a 4 year professional career highlighted by 2 games with the Ottawa Senators. Carlin has been doing Health & Wellness workshops for over three years now and has worked with over 30 communities in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Health and wellness requires a lifestyle that includes daily physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual practices. As an Indigenous role model, Carlin delivers his message from the heart to young children, youth, and the community. He provides a variety of workshops and experiential activities to engage children, youth and adults. The content for his presentation was developed in collaboration with an Indigenous Registered Doctoral Psychologist.

As a corporate speaker Carlin clearly draws the line between how to turn negatives into positives.  He brings us along his journey of how he battled through discrimination, turned it into motivation and formed a plan to make his way to the pro Hockey ranks.

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Personal wellness

 Wellness = Career Success Carlin masterfully draws the line between what an individual is eating, how they are exercising and their sleep patterns to the mind/body connection, on to personal wellness, and then directly how this impacts career success. If your team needs to hear how self care is self-responsibility and betters everyone’s bottom line, Carlin is the speaker that comes on like the coach we all need, with a string of victories in his wake.

Not Racism, discrimination

Everyone faces some form of discrimination. In the work place it can be about:

  • level of education
  • age
  • physical mobility/inability
  • income level
  • title

Carlin Nordstrom can speak to this, open the issue to the light and dispel discrimination’s power. Nordstrom himself turned the force of discrimination into the power that drives his success. He inspires audiences with real life examples and practical easy-to-do steps so employees look for and create beautiful possibilities; when people build connections and teams, versus lines

Six Steps to Success

Carlin Nordstrom has learned and lived each of the Six Steps. “Everything in my control, to the maximum mobility.” Nordstrom frames the Six Steps for a corporate audience so the message is clear as to how they can implement the steps and apply them to inter-personal work situations and projects. Nordstrom can customize the steps at your request to speak to specific issues in the workplace or project goals. This is inherent hard won, real-life wisdom conveyed and made clear so it touches the mind and heart of each attendee.

  1. Goal setting
  2. Attitude
  3. Work ethic
  4. Believe in self
  5. Surround yourself strategically
  6. Never give up

“This little guy from Warman became this big, strong NHL player. Here’s the proof…” Each of the six steps can be adapted to smaller ‘bite-sized’ presentations to apply specifically to work-place situations which need to be addressed.