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About Michael Kerr

Michael Kerr is one of Canada’s most in-demand motivational speakers ‘ combining safe, outrageous humor with relevant, practical workplace ideas. Michael is an award-winning Certified Speaking Professional, the author of six books and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’ Hall of Fame. As the president of Humor at Work, Michael helps organizations become more successful by using humor in the workplace to manage stress, boost morale, inspire creativity, improve relationships and teamwork, enhance workplace communication and improve customer service. Michael also talks about the importance of creating truly inspiring workplaces where a positive attitude and a sense of humor are the end result, so Michael talks about those things organizations, leaders and teams need to do to be successful.

As a recovering senior manager, Michael has extensive first-hand experience dealing with the challenges and stresses of the workplace. So his programs are known not just for their great, clean humour, but for their inspiring ideas and relevant content that helps teams move to the next level.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • Humor in the Workplace: ‘Putting Humor to Work’ A perfect opener, closer or break from the norm! High energy, lots of clean humour and great ideas with a powerful message. Messages include: Why humour in the workplace is no joke; practicing safe, healthy workplace humour; three R’s of humour and stress management; why Ha + ha = AHA!; communicating more effectively with humour; serving your customers OR your colleagues with a laugh; motivating the troops with laughter.
  • Inspiring Workplaces – Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work What are the six ingredients needed to create a healthy, positive, successful workplace? The importance of defining an inspiring vision; valuing workplace values and why action really does speak louder than words; it’s not just what you say but HOW you say it; creating a culture of creativity and innovation; three powerful principles of keeping employees engaged and motivated; the importance of creating a culture that celebrates success and has fun!
  • Inspiring Ideas for Inspiring Presentations Michael’s presentation skill workshops receive rave reviews for their practical ideas and unique approach to public speaking. Many attendees who have taken this workshop rate it as the best workshop they have ever attended. If you are looking for a different approach and style to the same old public speaking workshops, this workshop is a must!
  • Inspiring Leadership – Keeping Employees Engaged During the Good, the Bad and even the Ugly Times! Geared only for leaders interested in truly transforming their workplace culture. This workshop or keynote explores the difference between being a manager and a truly inspiring leader; the links between leadership and workplace success; how leaders can create the kind of workplace culture that attracts and keeps great employees; and how to keep employees engaged, challenged and motivated.
  • Putting Creativity to Work – How to Get More Ideas and Better Ideas!Simply put: it’s about creating a team or workplace culture designed to get more ideas and better ideas for great success at whatever it is you do. Creating a culture of questions; the links between communication and creativity; brainstorming techniques with a twist; eliminating idea-squashing attitudes and behaviours; and the links between motivation, fun and creativity.
  • When do you let the Animals Out? A Hilarious Welcome to the Canadian Rockies Based on the WILDLY best-selling book, When Do You Let the Animals Out?, Michael welcomes audiences to Calgary and the Canadian Rockies with this unique, high energy and humorous look at Canada and the Rockies based on his experience working as a park ranger.

Books and Articles

  • 340 Ways to Put Humor to Work
  • Inspiring Workplaces: Creating the Kind of Workplace Where Everyone Wants to Work
  • You Can’t Be Serious! – Putting Humour To Work
  • The Canadian Rockiew Guide to Wildlife Watching
  • When Do You Let the Animals Out? A Field Guide to Rocky Mountain Humour

Client Reviews

  • “We were drowning in tears of laughter. Michael is a very dynamic and upbeat speaker. His presentation was an excellent way to end our conference.” – Industry Canada
  • “Your name and topic brought a record crowd to our dinner meeting. Your presentation not only provided us with an opportunity to laugh, but also with a chance to look at how we can use humor to make our workplaces truly exciting and fun places to be!” – Human Resources Management Association of Manitoba
  • “As our opening speaker, your contribution was considerable. Your presentation was delivered with humor, passion, commitment and tremendous energy. You truly inspired participants and energized our workplace.” – Public Works and Goverment Services Canada
  • “Michael’s presentation was upbeat, action packed and very funny. I can certainly recommend Michael Kerr as a speaker who is very dynamic and who will add humor to your event.” – Credit Union Managers Association

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