Cary Mullen

Olympian & World Cup Champion, Author, Speaker

About Cary Mullen

Today’s world economic climate feels like we’re now in an extreme sport that we didn’t even sign up for! Cary Mullen, motivational keynote speaker and author of How to Win ‘ Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions will energize your corporate or association event, motivate your attendees and inspire innovation in these times of rapid change. Voted by Successful Meetings Magazine as one of the Hottest Speakers of the Year, Cary is the go-to expert for numerous Fortune 500 companies as a: motivational sports speaker, overcoming adversity speaker, an innovation speaker, a change speaker, and an Olympic speaker. He was a non-prodigy that placed last in his first World Cup race, but he uncovered 5 Winning Secrets’ that top producers use to consistently achieve peak results. Using these 5 principles, Cary became a two-time Olympian and World Cup Champion and set the World Downhill Speed Record of 97mph in Kitzbuhel, Austria. Cary has spent more than 20 years studying the success strategies of high performers. On his way to becoming a World Champion, Cary experienced the upper echelon of success, and what it takes to climb out of the depths of adversity. In his 11 years as a leader on the National Ski Team, Cary persevered through 3 near fatal crashes that left him with double vision and memory loss, to finally regain 100% health. When you combine his athletic accomplishments with his successful business background as a serial entrepreneur and published author, it’s easy to see why Cary is a recognized expert on winning. As a former Sales and General Manager for Dale Carnegie Training, Cary has consulted with many international corporations to help them achieve better results. As an entrepreneur at heart, Cary has founded many business ventures, including a thriving real estate investment company and a resort development company based in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. According to Cary, anyone can win, they just need to know how. And that’s exactly what he shares with his audiences. When Cary provides you with the information that only peak performers know in the five Winning Secrets’, you will be awakened to the unlimited possibilities available for your life!
Cary’s personal mission is to promote and develop champions. He realizes the importance of giving back and lends his time and name to many charities. As a community leader, Cary has founded two Charitable Foundations and is on the Board of Directors for the national Olympic Development Association and the National High Performance Advisory Committee. Cary is traveling the globe, speaking at conferences and passionately sharing his insights on winning to help others live their best life.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • The Champion Within ‘ Building and Sustaining Success Cary Mullen, Olympian and World Cup Champion, will propel us to the top of the world’s most challenging mountains! Cary was a nonprodigy, an underdog, who placed last in his first World Cup race. He followed 5 key winning strategies to go from ‘worst to first’ and to ultimately become a two-time Olympian and World Cup Champion.

Books and Articles

  • How To Win. Achieving Your Goals In Extreme Conditions

Awards and Designations

  • Voted by Successful Meetings Magazine as one of the Hottest Speakers of the Year

Career Highlights

  • Two-time Olympian and World Cup Champion
  • Set the World Downhill Speed Record of 97mph in Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Client Reviews

  • “My clients business revolves around the stock market and it has been a very volatile time in the markets over the last 2 years. Cary Mullen’s presentation to my clients encouraged all of us to keep going every day – that courage and perseverance will help us overcome the short term obstacles that stand in our way and that by staying focused we will meet our long term objectives. Cary’s personal experience of going through tough conditions and excelling in spite of them has motivated us to be stronger in pursuing our goals each day.” – M. Lally, Vice President Sales, Mackenzie Financial
  • “We’ve just come off a challenging year and this meeting was our opportunity to boost morale, rally the troops and motivate the team for great results. Your story, along with your engaging style and infectious enthusiasm, was a perfect complement to our objective of Making a Difference. I personally found the story of your friend and teammate who chose not to go down the hill at Kitzbuhel, and who has to live with that choice every day, very poignant. I spoke of it in my closing remarks to the team, encouraging them to push themselves and take calculated risks to achieve success in the coming year.” – L. Johnson, Kraft Canada
  • “Cary was fantastic. He was an excellent choice. I have been receiving great reviews so far. His speech went over well and his style, i.e. his approach to managing his life and time, is very Capital One like. I received feedback from a few people that specifically mentioned how versed in Capital One speak he was.” – A. Lichucki, Capital One
  • “Your high energy, enthusiasm and heartfelt journey were inspirational to our sales colleagues. Just what we were hoping for when we planned your participation. Comments like–“I was really moved by his passion to be a winner – I share that same passion” or another “Just like Cary sometimes it feels like we are falling down a mountain but we always get up, learn from our mistakes and we get better”. Quite a fitting conclusion to what was an excellent meeting event. The team is ready to Lunge Forward! – C. Peterhansen, Vice President-Sales, Chevron Global Lubricants