Roman Danylo

Star of CTVs Sketch Comedy Show Comedy Inc.

About Roman Danylo

Roman Danylo is a stand-up comic, improviser, actor, and writer. Roman’s one-man show combines these skills in a fast-paced, hilarious evening perfect for any occasion. Before every event, Roman gathers information from the client and customizes a unique show just for their audience. Whether it’s a regular comedy club crowd, Microsoft’s Staff Party, or a Funeral Directors Luncheon (tough crowd), Roman always gets them laughing. It’s big time interactive too! Often audience members are invited onto the stage to join Roman in improvised scenarios, and no matter how witty, lame or inebriated the volunteer is, Roman will say yes to anything and mold their oozing… or seeping creativity into hilarious sketches. Mix in some stand-up and ridiculous character monologues and you get ‘A Delightful Romp with Roman Danylo’! Roman been the featured entertainer and Master of Ceremonies for hundreds of corporate functions over the past 15 years.

Roman was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The rise of The Roman Empire began in Calgary back in the late 1980's where Roman worked for several local comedy clubs, The Loose Moose Theater, Theater Calgary and various CBC Radio Dramas. With a youthful optimism and naiveté, The Roman Empire invaded Vancouver in 1992 and was soon destroyed by a band of warrior Mongols. After rebuilding its army The Empire was victorious in the following battles...

Roman is one of only a handful of comedians to have performed at the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival in the same year. In Hollywood, he starred in the UPN Series 'Off Limits', and has been featured on NBC’s 'Late Friday'. He has appeared in the feature Films, 'Duets' with Gwenyth Paltrow, and 'Happy Birthday' with John Goodman. Roman was the host of a talk show pilot produced by fellow Canadian David Steinberg and has acted in a stage sketch review show with Martin Short. Roman has appeared as a dramatic actor in television shows like 'Jeremiah', 'Outer limits' and 'Sliders'.

Back home Roman has appeared or starred in several Canadian series including CBC’s 'The Debaters', 'The Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy Festivals', 'Comics', 'These Arms of Mine', 'Made in Canada', CTV’s 'Comedy Now', 'Corner Gas', 'The Holmes Show', TCN's 'Slightly Bent', 'Just For Laughs Improv Championships' and many more. Roman starred for five seasons in his own sketch comedy series on CTV and Spike TV called 'Comedy Inc.' In 2004 Roman won a Leo Award for his performance in CBC’s 'Western Alienation Comedy Hour' and has twice been nominated for a Gemini Award for performance in 'Comedy Inc.'   

Roman is a headlining stand-up comedian, a top Canadian improviser, a TV and film actor, and a traditional theater actor trained at a university and everything. Roman lives in Vancouver and commutes to LA and Toronto for work. Roman is part of an extensive carpool program.

Notable Live Appearances

  • Montreal’s Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival
  • Winnipeg Comedy Festival
  • Halifax Comedy Festival
  • Aspen Comedy Festival

T.V. and Film

  • Roman starred for five seasons in his own sketch comedy series on CTV and Spike TV called 'Comedy Inc.' 
  • CBC’s The Debaters 
  • The Winnipeg Comedy Festival 
  • Halifax Comedy Festival
  • CBC's Comics 
  • These Arms of Mine
  • Made in Canada 
  • CTV’s Comedy Now
  • 'Corner Gas' CTV Sitcom 
  • The Holmes Show
  • TCN's Slightly Bent
  • Just For Laughs Improv Championships 
  • 2004 CBC’s 'Western Alienation Comedy Hour' 


  • Twice nominated for a Gemini Award for performance in 'Comedy Inc.'  
  • 2004 won a Leo Award for his performance in CBC’s 'Western Alienation Comedy Hour

Client Reviews

  • “Roman Danylo was outstanding. His skills in getting the crowd involved and quick wit is second to none.” – J. Ratzlaff, Agro Pacific
  • “Roman’s Improvisation skills were second to none and the extent to which he involved and captured the attention of the audience was fabulous. It was certainly apparent that all those present had a terrific time and those who unwittingly became part of his routines were made to feel at ease.” – G. Harvey, AT&T Canada
  • ‘Roman was fantastic, he came prepared he knew his material and he nailed his character . He was very easy to work with and extremely flexible. He is a pro, very funny and best of all he knows the corporate culture.’ – D. Duffy, Williams Gerard Productions
  • “Roman’s ability to keep a crowd laughing with the use of improvisational comedy was obvious. With some information about our company and our employees he was able to put together a clean , humorous program that entertained all and offended none.” – J. Lalumiere, Lafarge Canada
  • ‘Roman was absolutely outstanding. People were laughing so hard they were actually crying. One woman said afterwards that her ribs were hurting from laughing so much’In dealing with him personally, I found him to be very professional’I give my highest recommendations of Roman Danylo.’ -K. Mahannah, Boundary Community School
  • ‘Roman was wonderful. He tailored his routine so nicely and was specific to the newspaper industry. The audience roared with laughter. He is worth every penny. And of course, having had such a hit for an entertainment this year, I worry about next year’ – Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association