Tazz (a.k.a. Big Daddy Tazz)

Stand-up Comedian

About Tazz (a.k.a. Big Daddy Tazz)

Big Daddy Tazz uses his blazing quick wit, clean comedy improv style, natural ability to make people laugh, and amazing stage presence to bring his corporate and convention audiences first to their knees with laughter and than to their feet with thunderous praise and adulation. Big Daddy Tazz takes a mundane event and turns it into a sidesplitting clean comedy story. Big Daddy Tazz tells a story with incredible facial expressions, body language, and character voices that lead to a KABOOM! of audience laughter and applause. Big Daddy Tazz is just plain honest to goodnes fun for corporate and convention events that require clean comedy!

Television / Film / Radio

  • Madly Off In All Directions – CBC Radio
  • CTV Rough Cuts “Stand Up Samurais”
  • CBC One Night Stand
  • CBC Fringe Report
  • Global TV Fringe Reports
  • Star TV “We’re In The Funny, FunnyFest”
  • Star TV “We’re In The Funny, Just For Laughs”

Notable Live Appearances

  • Just for Laughs International Comedy Festival – Montreal

Career Highlights

  • April 1, 2008 – set new record for “continuous uninterupped standup” – 8.5 hours. Smashing previous record held by Dane Cook at 7 hours.

Client Reviews

  • “Manitoba Veterinarians will be talking about Tazz’s performance for years to come! I’ve planned a few conferences in my career and I’ve never yet seen delegates respond to an entertainer with a standing ovation! Tazz was bang on with his read of the room and he set the mood for an evening of fun – an event planner’s dream!” L. Cicierski, Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association
  • “It was so nice to have an evening where everyone could laugh and no one felt uncomfortable. Tazz proves that you can get laughs without being foul or offensive”