Alvin Law

'There's No Such Word As Can't'. Dynamic Speaker. Incredible Inspiration.

About Alvin Law

Alvin Law, a Thalidomide baby born without arms, learned to use his feet so by the age of five there really wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. Over one million people have seen this amazing man. Alvin Law’s story is more than just another story of overcoming adversity, it is about the incredible power of humanity and the difference one person can truly make in the world. Alvin Law shows audiences that obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude. Through his powerful imagery and storytelling, Alvin Law takes you through his life. You will see how Alvin proved wrong all the experts who predicted a life void of any quality. Alvin’s live musical performance on the piano and drums demonstrates how any challenge can be tackled with the right attitude and perseverence. He tells the stories of his life. You will laugh a lot. If words are indeed the voice of the heart, Alvin Law will touch yours.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • “There’s No Such Word As Can’t” – Learn to look at things that seem impossible and then learn to devise ways to make it happen. Alvin’s program is based on his life and focuses on the power of a positive attitude. It’s a way of life for Alvin Law, and it’s a message he can deliver to any audience. During this entertaining keynote, Alvin will use his feet to play the piano and drums.

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