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About Show Band England

England is the ultimate show band.  

The group has three Beatlemania sets, two sets of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and two sets of The Beach Boys.  The group also performs an Ed Sullivan Show which consists of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Beach Boys, the Monkees, Dave Clark Five, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Elton John. 

They have also done special nights of the British Invasion Show which consists of the Beatles, the Kinks, Elton John, Dave Clark Five, Rod Stewart, Herman’s Hermits. 

Their group Liverpool toured western Canada for 13 years.  A repertoire of approximately 45 songs, with three changes, The Sargeant Pepper suits, The Grey Suits and the Black Striped suits..with wigs and their English accents to go with it .... there have been many gigs that people have asked which part of England the band is from.

CCR Mania Group…has approx. seven years of touring.  The band wears plaid tops with blue jeans and a repertoire of 19 songs.

Beach Boys tribute group has two changes...Striped sweaters with white pants and the Blue Striped Shirts ..and a repertoire of 20 songs..which happens to go over “big time” at car Shows..especially with a set by The Ventures with it.

Buddy Holly, and the Elvis Show is always a hit.  Wearing The Leather Outfit, and The White Suit

The band has a short set of the Monkees, and I also bring in a Patsy Cline, and Lesley Gore tributes for the Ed Sullivan Show…and the list goes on.

Band Members

OVIDE PILON – Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals

Ovide has had the opportunity to be the opening act for Nazareth, Powder Blues Band, Chubby Checker, Billy-Joe Royal, and Southern Pacific, as well as performing as “The Band” for Buddy Knox and Paul Revere and the Raiders (with Mark Lindsay), Prism, Gerry Doucette and One Horse Blue.  He also played the big outdoor concert in Craven, and the Echo Valley Jamboree (the battle of 31 bands) in 1994. Ovide was part of the band that placed first in the battle of the bands. Ovide was also nominated for the music video of the year in 1993.

GLEN ROYER – Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals

In 1991, Glen won the best video for Saskatchewan at the Saskatchewan Video Awards for his hit single “Victim of Circumstance”.  He was courted by a major record label, A & M and Posh Records in Los Angeles in 1993.  He has shared the same stage with The Tea Party, the Pursuit of Happiness, the Waltons, Sons of Freedom and Sloan, as well as Gerry Doucette and Prism.

TERRY HOKNES – Bass, Keyboards, and Lead Vocals

Terry has toured across Canada and performed throughout Australia, France, and the USA.  He also played at the Craven festival. He is known as a multi-instrumentalist and has a music degree.  Terry studied classical and jazz with many legendary performers and composers in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Terry has done some session work for many other bands in recording studios and played with Andrea Menard’s band in the early 1990’s.  He also shared the same stage as Gerry Doucette. From 1994 -1998, Terry was nominated in various categories in Saskatchewan as  “musician of the year”, and won several times.

BRAD McINTOSH – Drums, Lead Vocals

Brad was the drummer for Buddy Knox for several shows.  He also played on the same stage as The Arrows (members of Blood, Sweat, and Tears) and Gerry Doucette.  Brad also opened up for the Northern Pikes. 

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