Ian Percy

The Spirit is the New Frontier

About Ian Percy

Ian Percy is one of North America’s most inspirational and thought-provoking speakers and part of a small group of brave visionaries who are courageously nudging business leaders in a new direction. With sound theory, street-wise experience and limitless humour, Ian prods major corporations and public institutions around the world into a reassessment of their individual and corporate spirituality. The human spirit, he contends, is today’s frontier for any organization intent on success.

Ian develops this idea in a powerful and penetrating book titles, ‘ Going Deep: exploring spirituality in life and leadership’. Ian makes a dramatic results-oriented impact in a dynamic, compassionate and insightful manner. His magical ability to invite a spirit of celebration and empowerment within any organization has brought joy and the will to win to his clients and earned him world-wide acclaim. Ian speaks to senior executives, physicians, lawyers, dieticians, salespeople, farmers, international financiers and the high-tech crowd.

In every case, he goes to great lengths to find out and understand who your group is and what is important in your lives. He encourages, provokes, guides, coaches and lifts organizations to a place filled with unifying purpose and passion. When Ian speaks, count on something wonderful to happen.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • The ‘Yearning Organization’; Restoring the Meaning in your Life and your Work
  • Putting Fire Back in the Fireplace; Igniting the Power of the Human Spirit
  • From Information to Wisdom: The New face of Leadership
  • Corporate Courage in the Post Re-engineering Era
  • The 11 Commandments for an Enthusiastic Team

Client Reviews

  • “Some dinner speakers provide entertainment. Ian Percy provides plenty of entertainment but powerfully impacts people’s lives. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to some great people, but I’ve never listened to an individual as terrific as Ian Percy.” – KPMG Management Consulting
  • “Maybe today is a new beginning. People like Ian Percy are reminding us of the dangers of neglecting the soul or spirit of organizations and of people who spend their lives there. The corporate world may come to recognize the centrality of spirit in personal and corporate success. Let us hope.” – Aetna International