Flyin Bob

One Man, Three Ring Circus!

About Flyin Bob

Flyin’ Bob performs an energetic, hilarious, highly skilled variety show that highlights physical comedy, audience participation, balancing, juggling, and vocal impressions. A long time ago Flyin’ Bob performed as a guitar player in a rock ‘&’ roll band, was a school teacher, coached springboard diving, and had numerous ‘real’ jobs. Finally, and luckily, Flyin’ Bob heard the call of the variety perfomer life, and never looked back. Since 1985 Flyin’ Bob has performed around the World in such countries as Canada, The United States, Australia, Israel, England, Japan, Singapore, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, and the Middle East.

Flyin’ Bob’s show features such eccentric explorations as:

The 6-foot Unicycle of Severe Discomfort.
Flyin’ Bob risks his assets for your enjoyment.
Celery: Beneficial Roughage? Or’ Invitation to Terror!
Can you imagine Your CEO having celery chopped out of his mouth?
The Coin Catch. Flyin’ Bob demonstrates his philosophical approach to money management, risk assessment, positive reinforcement, the importance of failure, and attitude to life in general.
Ping Pong Dans La Bushe.
Ping pong balls appear, disappear, and fly through the air with only the breath to claim responsibility. Hysterically funny’and vaguely nauseating’
And Much More!

All tied together with Flyin’ Bob’s hilarious banter. His ability to involve the audience and react to anything makes each and every performance unique.

Client Reviews

  • “Physical, daring, and delightfully witty. A one man, three ring circus” See Magazine
  • “Master comedian” New Haven Register
  • “Molecular madness in apparent bedlam but with wonderful results” Tempo Magazine