Dave Rodney

Only Canadian to Summit Mt. Everest Twice, Dynamic Keynote Speaker

About Dave Rodney

Dave Rodney is a seasoned and dynamic motivator and is the only person in the history of Canada to summit Mt. Everest twice. Dave Rodney’s accomplishments are inspiring to many especially since he was born on the flatlands of North America, has had four knee surgeries, and has broken his back in four places. Dave shares his refreshing, insightful explanations of what compels people to attempt to climb and succeed at summiting the various “mountains” of their lives and relates the intrinsic motivations and obstacles found on expeditions to the events they are faced with daily. Dave Rodney tailors his programs to your organizational realities, challenges, and conference themes. Your organization is guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Dave Rodney’s stunning audio-visual and multi-disciplinary presentations (for the eyes, ears, heart, body, and soul) are entertaining, informative, down to earth, and include some of the most amazing footage and still shots ever taken from locations around the world. He leaves his audiences refreshed, renewed, and re-invigorated! Dave’s work has been showcased in magazines, newspapers, books, textbooks, and television features around the world.

Keynotes and Speaking Topics

  • ‘Turn Your Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones!’ . Motivation, Overcoming Obstacles, Strategizing. When we travel towards goals which are truly worth striving for, we are often faced with a myriad of situations we will either consider problems that threaten our dreams, or challenges which will enhance our development–depending on our attitude. David believes that often ‘we are not granted the grandeur of the next mountain-top vista until we have first trudged through the gullet of the tumultuous valley below’. In this gripping multi-media presentation (which includes life and death accounts of rescues on the highest mountains in the world), you will appreciate why Dave maintains that with proper preparation, our pilgrimage may be easier than we might first imagine: in the words of Lao Tzu, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!’
  • ‘Humor in the Himalayas’ or “Altitude with an Attitude!”.Entertainment, Team Building. Documentaries depict expeditions as nothing less than serious endeavors; but when humans are exposed to only one-third the usual amount of oxygen at altitude, they say and do some pretty hilarious things! In this session, you will chuckle at cartoons demonstrating comedy above the clouds; hear side-splitting stories on the effects of elevation; witness crazy antics and accents at altitude; and observe outrageous outtakes rescued from the documentary editing room floor. After the jokes, wit and repartee, you will ask ‘are these climbers, or clowns…and how did they ever get to the top of the world and back?!’. After running into personal and professional walls back home, Dave rediscovered laughter’at basecamp, where he learned there is a ‘mountain of entertainment on Everest’ (perhaps as a result of having too many people too close to each other for too long!). Venture with him to the lighter side of climbing’it will be a session you will never forget!
  • “Adventuring on the Outside, and on the Inside!” or “The Journey of Sacred Time and Space: Mind, Body, & Spirit”. Integration, Spirit. Balance is critical to personal and professional success. (But what is true success? What is true happiness?) How do we achieve this… physically, intellectually, emotional, spiritually, and socially? Dave shares his journey in these respects, utilizing experiences at some of the most beautiful, yet terrifying places in the world. He draws on the works of contemporary theorists, philosophers, (and cartoonists!); shares exclusive video footage from his successful ascent of Mt. Everest; and offers a meditative CD/Slide show finale as he guides you towards the discovery and enjoyment of your ‘Sacred Spaces’. After this session, you will return to your world refreshed, renewed, and re-invigorated…appreciating that your influence is much more significant than most people could ever imagine!
  • ‘Picture Your Climb!’. Visualization, Goal Setting. ‘I can’t see the forest for the trees!’ “I’ve lost my direction” “My get and go, got up and went!” ‘I can’t get there from here’I just can’t see it!’ ‘I know I have to jump to fly, but I can’t get my feet off the ground!” If you can relate to these sentiments or are struggling with achieving your full potential, this session is for you. Utilizing experiences on St. Vincent Island’s ‘La Soufriere’, Washington State’s Mt. Rainier, Argentina’s ‘Cerro Aconcagua’, Australia’s Ayer’s Rock, and Nepal’s ‘Solo-Khumbu’ Region, David will share his adventures and offer the strategies which saw a simple prairie boy rise to new heights in every way (culminating with his successful ascent of Mt. Everest!). Dave overcome a broken back and re-constructed knee while accomplishing his goals; in hearing his story, you can overcome your obstacles and make your dreams come true too! Whether you are exploring the realms of athletics, academics, or business, Dave will help you take an honest look at your goals, rewards, motivations…while exploring the rational mind, fears, and visioning. Don’t miss this will empowering, enlightening session…it could change your life!
  • ‘Footprints to the Future: An Inter-Cultural Legacy of Leisure and Luxury’. Socio-Economics, Balance. It is common to receive awards and accolades of all sorts after successfully summiting treacherous mountains–risky endeavors which require much sacrifice and dedication. But the challenges of our daily lives are every bit as deserving of attention as these efforts (and in the long run, they are often even more taxing!). Both on the mountain and in the real world, we must examine our histories critically–if we are to avoid repeating personal, social, and global errors of the past…and instead fulfill our true potential both in the microcosmic and macroscopic scales. Once we do so, we will drastically increase our opportunity to be truly happy and successful: individually, and collectively. Utilizing powerful images, video, music, and stories (from across the planet), David will demonstrate that the answers to the deepest questions of our lives are there for us’both around our world, and within ourselves. This session will provide you with the opportunity to look back, look around, and look forward’not with fear, but with satisfaction, hope, and excitement!
  • ‘Reaching New Heights Personally and Professionally’ or”Higher Learning: An Everest Education Via the World-Wide Web’.Technology, Dreams. How can we program both excitement and relaxation into our jobs? After doing masters work related to the subject, David has discovered some answers which he will share with you in this session. He has incorporated mountaineering into his workplace; and will invite you along to explore some of his favourite areas around the world. This event will feature David’s ‘Adventure Everest On-Line ’97’ the first international / interactive, internet / e-mail, Business/Education project of its kind, which was based on (and at!) the highest mountain on earth. David will outline the history, curriculum, and system, which linked the world’s highest base camp to classrooms around the globe in 1997, during his team’s attempt to reach the roof of the world’and share the secrets of the strategies utilized during the communication of his own successful 1999 ascent of the mountain. Finally, he will offer ideas for future projects that will inspire you on your own personal and professional journey!

Client Reviews

  • “I have never heard a more inspiring speaker! What a wonderful talent, you’ve been given the ability to refresh, renew, and re-invigorate others. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! Continue to follow your dreams; so many others need you!” – Bow Valley College
  • “David Rodney’s presentation was a most enjoyable and provocative way to share the universal spirit with his audience. The five expeditions he vicariously took us on were very powerful experiences: his slides; videotapes; and music were captivating!” – Educational Conference, Committee Member
  • “Without a doubt, Dave’s presentation was one of the most professional I have seen: and as one who has given and seen hundreds of them, I feel qualified to say that! It was uplifting and beautifully executed, and it made me think about life and the intricacies of decisions.” – Computing Organization of Ontario

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