Are You Smarter Than My Sound Guy?

A Hilarious Comedy Game Show.

About Are You Smarter Than My Sound Guy?

William James’ Are You Smarter Than My Sound Guy is the fourth installment to our wildly popular game show series!!! We use our 11 foot tall game show board & our 3 electronic (lit up, full mic’s + sound effects) scoring positions to give a true & real game show feel. We have added comedy elements as well as team based games & mini-games to provide a very entertaining event to fit any occasion, timeframe, & group size!!!

This time William James has made it so simple that he gives the players everyday questions & 4 answers to choose from. The laughter quickly ensues as most people rarely pick the correct answer (even after 2 or 3 attempts LoL). Since this is a team play game, we divide your room into 3 teams and encourage any team member to help answer, often the entire team will be holding fingers up frantically trying to get their opinion seen or heard by their teammate at the scoring podium. Once correct, the podium player gets to choose a numbered tile to flip around, which will reveal one of the three team colors (in sort of a tic-tac-toe style). Once 5 color tiles of a team are faced to the crowd that player goes head-to-head with Williams’ sound guy for one question. If the podium player beats his sound guy, their team scores the amount of points under the 5 tiles & the tiles are removed. The game continues on with lots of added comedy elements & mini-game extras ’till the final speed round where one player per table teams up at the podiums for a rapid fire ‘tag team’ 4 minute end round of complete craziness. The winning team is the team still standing with the most accumulated points after the craziness has finished!!!

William James Loves creating and hosting Comedy Gameshows!!! And has been doing so since 1996. Each new gameshow adds different gameplay elements offering fun and unique gameshow experiences to appeal to audiences of all age groups. Your event will really enjoy what he has created in ‘Are You Smarter Than My Soundguy!!!’ as it is his first gameshow to offer the chance for players to really zing their opponents and ultimately affect the games final outcome!