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Dean Gunnarson The Making of An Escape Artist
How to Soar With The Eagles
You Can if You Believe You Can
It Begins with a Dream
If Only I’d Said That
Stand Up in 10 Steps
From the Stage to the Page
War and Peace In the Workplace: Diversity, Conflict, Understanding, Synergy
Lies And Fairy Tales – That Deny Women Happiness


Keynote Title


How to Soar with the Eagles – Inspiration for Personal and Business Success

Peter shares what counts in personal and business success and when he’s done, you’ll walk away inspired to make changes of your own.

Randy’s Takes on Leading Change

CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie shares his unique experiences, keen insights and timely advice on embracing and leading the dramatic change every business, workplace and organization is grappling with today. Leaning on his successful careers as an outstanding athlete, financial sector CEO and Commissioner of a leading sports league -- one with a huge national profile and an ambitious global strategy – Randy reveals how you can be bold and get “buy in” at the same time. Known for his self-deprecating humour and boundless energy, you can count on this former Grey Cup Champion, and business winner, to entertain as well as enlighten.

Leading Change in Health and Safety

Your business or organization is under pressure to be more safety conscious than ever before. It faces just as much pressure to grow and generate new clients or revenue or both. Enter Randy Ambrosie, who lives this challenge every day as he leads the Canadian Football League. It’s a big national brand with massive global ambitions and it lives in the media spotlight. That means its’ product needs to be more exciting than ever at the same time it’s expected to constantly do more to ensure player health and safety . Hear how Randy is turning this challenge, your challenge, into an opportunity by leading change. Known for his wit as well as his wisdom, this Grey Cup champion, successful CEO and sports and entertainment leader is sure to entertain as well as inspire your audience. 

Industry Specific

Agribusiness Clients Randy’s Grandfather was a farmer northeast of Edmonton, and Randy spent time there when he was growing up.  Randy will speak about the ongoing change and innovation in farming and how it parallels change and innovation in sports.

Financial Industry Clients Randy’s in depth experience and leadership in the Financial industry gives him great insight for Financial industry clients.  Randy will speak about the ongoing change and innovation in the Financial Industry and how it parallels change and innovation in sports.

Other Business Clients Randy can customize, to any industry, his topic of Leading Change in business and how it parallels change and innovation in sports.

Sports Events For sports events and fundraisers, Randy Ambrosie can speak about the CFL itself, the history of the game and how it has grown, and football anecdotes.

Personal wellness

 Wellness = Career Success Carlin masterfully draws the line between what an individual is eating, how they are exercising and their sleep patterns to the mind/body connection, on to personal wellness, and then directly how this impacts career success. If your team needs to hear how self care is self-responsibility and betters everyone’s bottom line, Carlin is the speaker that comes on like the coach we all need, with a string of victories in his wake.

Not Racism, discrimination

Everyone faces some form of discrimination. In the work place it can be about:

  • level of education
  • age
  • physical mobility/inability
  • income level
  • title

Carlin Nordstrom can speak to this, open the issue to the light and dispel discrimination’s power. Nordstrom himself turned the force of discrimination into the power that drives his success. He inspires audiences with real life examples and practical easy-to-do steps so employees look for and create beautiful possibilities; when people build connections and teams, versus lines

Six Steps to Success

Carlin Nordstrom has learned and lived each of the Six Steps. “Everything in my control, to the maximum mobility.” Nordstrom frames the Six Steps for a corporate audience so the message is clear as to how they can implement the steps and apply them to inter-personal work situations and projects. Nordstrom can customize the steps at your request to speak to specific issues in the workplace or project goals. This is inherent hard won, real-life wisdom conveyed and made clear so it touches the mind and heart of each attendee.

  1. Goal setting
  2. Attitude
  3. Work ethic
  4. Believe in self
  5. Surround yourself strategically
  6. Never give up

“This little guy from Warman became this big, strong NHL player. Here’s the proof…” Each of the six steps can be adapted to smaller ‘bite-sized’ presentations to apply specifically to work-place situations which need to be addressed. 


Whistler Spirit Lunch

It’s a ‘Great Day’ when Peter Legge speaks to your audience – 330 inspired souls.

Quebecor World

…an extremely powerful, engaging presentation. You delivered the exact program that we were looking for.

Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp.

Your inspirational remarks were the highlight of the conference.

Simon Cowell America's Got Talent - Oct 27, 2019

I've never seen anything like that!.  Best magician we've had on the show so far.

Penn & Teller

There's a wildness and beauty to Chris Funk's daft and funny presence that we, and the audiences we've seen him with, find irresistible.

Murray Sawchuck Celebrity Magician, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

Absolutely phenomenal!


Head scratching magic

Winnipeg Free Press

Entirely entertaining

Southern Mechanical

Excellent, funny, mind boggling, interactive,awesome, entertainment for Company events!


You have a wonderfully instant connection with people that makes your show very special beyond the magic.

P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall Director Harvest Festival & Exhibition

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us on the weekend. You were great to work with, very professional. Thanks again…


Your show was a hit! Thank you for your Professionalism, Courtesy and Humour.

- Jan 16, 2019


Vancouver Sun Malcolm Parry - Nov 30, 2019

"If the TV and movie executives who audit Beuhler don't make him a star, the world will have a lot less laughter in it." 

Montreal Gazette Bill Brownstien - Nov 30, 2019

"When it seemed that nothing could go right (at the Just For Laughs Gala) John Beuhler, a young, unheralded, Canuck comic took the stage. He slayed, and save the night."

Georgia Straight Guy MacPherson - Nov 30, 2019

"Bill Maher, Margaret Cho, and Bill Cosby. John Beuhler is neither a big name nor an American-he is, in fact, a local-but he's just as funny as they are."

Brent Butt - Comedian (Corner Gas) Brent Butt - Dec 30, 2019

“I’ve worked with Matt Falk. He’s a very talented and funny guy. He can open for me anytime. I won’t open for him though, I refuse. Just letting you know for when it comes to that.” 

Gerry Dee - Comedian (Mr. D) Gerry Dee - Dec 30, 2019

“Matt is definitely someone to watch for. He is going to make a big splash in the comedy world”

Ron James - Comedian Ron James - Dec 30, 2019

“He’s a genius child”

CBC CBC - Dec 30, 2019

“Effortlessly funny"

Alberta Medical Association - Nov 4, 2019

“Your amusing act and quick humor fit in well with the current health care climate and left everybody in attendance laughing. Your performance was enjoyed by all. Your clever combination of humor, music, and acting were just what the doctor ordered.” 

Scotia Bank - Nov 4, 2019

“Not only did he fill the bill and live up to our expectations he was simply outstanding. Our group was a tired lot from their day’s activities however Johnny quickly energized them with his material and affable delivery.”

General Motors of Canada - Nov 4, 2019

“He kept the crowd laughing for the entire length of his performance with local humor. He poked fun at things everyone could relate to. When he played the bagpipes, we heard such a wonderful variety of sounds, good entertainment indeed”

Private event - Palm Springs Steve W. - Jan 5, 2019

The performer was engaging and funny. His interaction with the audience was wonderful. A great, clean comic show that went on for an hour and kept the audience completely focused on his performance. He also stayed after the show was over, and interacted with our guests. It was awesome. 

The ease of working with Event Edge and the accessibility of understanding the process was perfect. Everything was provided in a timely manner  and was easy to understand.

Feedback from our guests indicated that it was the best show they had seen.

Corporate event - BASF Agricultural Solutions Cynthia S. - Dec 1, 2018

Hi Brent, it was a pleasure working with you and Johnny.  The staff had so much fun and enjoy Johnny's performance.  I am sure we will be working together in the near future.  Below are some of the comments I received from the staff, I wanted to share them with Johnny and yourself.  A big "Thank you" to you and Johnny.  It was a pleasure!!

1.  Johnny was awesome! Seldom is there an act that has it all from a true entertainment perspective but Johnny does. He made us laugh…a lot and incorporated his bagpipe talent into his performance. I could have listened to him all evening. If I ever hear of another show in our area I will be sure to attend and recommend to others. Johnny has a skill at entertaining in a clean and pure talent driven manner….well done Johnny!

2. Entertainment at the staff party was outstanding.  10/10 – Everyone at the table really enjoyed the show.

3. Just wanted to send a few words about Johnny Bagpipes – He was awesome and so hilarious – I could not stop laughing the whole show. He uses appropriate wordings and knows how to keep the attention of his audience – Awesome job Johnny – Keep it up  Thumbs up!

Conference - Human Resources Professionals Kris C. and Julie D. - Sep 20, 2018

Johnny was great! His jokes were timely & he kept everyone laughing. The comedy was a surprise to our guests because they thought he just played the bagpipes. I'm sure our attendees will be talking about him for a long time to come. He'll be a hard act to top for our conference next year. - Kris

John was amazing, he was such a joy to work with and so warm and genuine.  The folks loved him!  He was so funny, our faces hurt from laughing.  His slide show of the animals was a big hit.  I would absolutely recommend John to any event planner, he is a good human and such a funny performer.  Thanks!  - Julie

Fundraiser for Volunteer Firefighters Training Facility Brad Y. - Nov 17, 2015

Johnny Bagpipes was incredible. His performance was very funny and absolutely bang on for the audience we had. He is a very professional person and was a joy to have perform at our function. His life stories make the performance even more meaningful. We will have him back.  Service from the Events Edge representative were all on time and very professional.

President's Gala Dinner Karen O. - Mar 3, 2013

Johnny Bagpipes was a hit with everyone at our Gala! He practically had them rolling in the aisles.  And he was also great to work with...professional, easygoing and pleasant.  Thanks, Events Edge!

Christmas party - Corporate Lori B. - Dec 10, 2012

We were fortunate enough to have Johnny at our Christmas party this year (2012).  Johnny's high energy and entertaining jokes set the stage for a wonderful evening.  We usually have anywhere from 300 to 350 people at our Christmas party and to be able to entertain and keep everyone laughing is a true talent - this is a talent that Johnny definitely has.  His talent at bagpipes is incredible - people are commenting about the great success our party was and the entertainment made it the success it was.  I would highly recommend him for anything like this.

For Events Edge:  We have been entrusting Events Edge to book our talent for our Christmas parties for a number of years and each year I know they will ensure we have the very best talent at our party.  The entertainment is a key highlight to our party and I feel confident that Events Edge understands that and will deliver.  Corporate events need clean comedy and entertainment that will get the crowd going and keep them talking about  for years to come.  Year after year we have had nothing but the best entertainment at our parties - it is what staff keep coming back for.  I will only trust Events Edge Entertainment - they work hard to ensure the entertainment is a success which means the party will be a success!  Thank-you for delivering once again Events Edge Entertainment!

Christmas Party - Corporate Jacquie N. - Dec 8, 2012

Johnny was an absolute HIT with our crew on Friday night!  He was so, so, SO much fun!!  He had one table of young ladies in fits of giggles, so much so that Johnny (jokingly) seemed quite concerned about one young ladies wellbeing – she just couldn’t seem to stop laughing!  But then again, how could you not when you’ve got Johnny Bagpipes entertaining you!!??  J   I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much or hard in my life, to the point where I’d completely lost my voice by the end of his show!  Now THAT is entertainment! 

National Conference SLS 2019 Karlen H. - Nov 15, 2019

Henry was an amazing speaker at SLS last week – and in fact an amazing delegate. He joined us at the welcome reception on Thursday evening and we heard over and over what a genuinely nice person he was to visit with. His presentation created a spark of energy that carried throughout the day.

Corporate Event Alterna Angela D. - Feb 7, 2017

Henry is a true professional. He was charming, well-prepared, and provided great leadership insight into the game of football and his time with the Ottawa Redblacks.  Engaging, approachable, and a lot of fun. Henry was a hit!

Community Fundraiser Terry B - Mar 28, 2018

Henry Burris was excellent. Everybody at sports night really enjoyed his outgoing personality and humor. We had a great evening and would recommend Henry for any ones event.

We have received excellent service from Events Edge in every aspect.

D. Fischl Fleet Services Manager/ Workplace Diversity Coordinator, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation)

When I first heard Jeanne’s presentation I knew that she not only had diversity figured out but that she was able to explain it to a group of employees in a way that wasn’t threatening. One of her presentations to a group of employees who I would have felt would have been a hard sell went over so well that there was a particular time during the presentation you could have heard a pin drop. They were so interested in her understanding on the subject and her ability to explain their feelings that they were totally engrossed in her presentation. When you see a group as tough as some she has presented too, you understand her incredible ability to get the message across. The fact that she has a best seller book on the subject, allowed our employees to not only obtain what they learned from the presentations but reflect on some of the new learnings by following up with her book. She is a dynamic speaker and has the gift of knowing her audience. She has the ability to present in a way that captivates and motivates others. Over the past number of years she has presented to well over 400 people in our department and has made a significant difference.

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool

Jeanne, I appreciated your professionalism, solid experience and boundless enthusiasm. You did a good job of getting to know your audience and the organization, and your effort to use pertinent examples and situations were exemplary.

Sask Power

Jeanne’s hour long presentation was informative, upbeat and humourous. The cartoons she presented during her talk were an excellent method of delivering her message in a comedic and focused way. Jeanne also had a very comfortable presentation style that could only be acquired from her years of experience.

Saskatchewan Home Based Business Association

The participants scored you 4 out of 4! Noted were your personality, truthfulness, knowledge, clarity and everyday language. Great eye contact, humour, approachable . . . it goes on and on. Thanks! You’re great!

Winnipeg Free Press Winnipeg Free Press - Dec 30, 2019

‘Derek Edwards is considered to be one of the finest comedy talents in North America. … Edwards is the kind of guy who could read the nutritional content off a cereal box and have you in tears.” 

Ontario Marina Association Provincial Association - Dec 30, 2019

‘Derek is awesome and it is clear his career is going places. His dry sense of humor, exceptional wit and abilities to keep the crowd splitting their sides made for one heck of an evening. I introduced him as the next Jim Carrey ‘ that was an understatement, he’s better!’

Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association OIAA - Dec 30, 2019

“…there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! How refreshing to hear comedy without racial slurs, sarcasm or curses!”